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Our PAÚ-PAÚ collection contains two variants of our living super fuel; a complete cellular nourishment system. Our PAÚ-PAÚ recipe gives the body all of the base compounds it needs to support the nervous, immune, lymphatic, and endocrine systems – all the precursors necessary for healthy functioning. PAÚ-PAÚ is what all smoothies aspire to be: the perfect vroom fuel that actually tastes good. Since PAÚ-PAÚ has many living food components, we recommend keeping it refrigerated, but we find it helpful to keep a week’s supply on the counter in a sealed container!

In this collection we offer customers a choice between our PAÚ-PAÚ basic blend, the original recipe of this super fuel product, and our PAÚ-PAÚ PRIMAL, the collagen edition of our basic blend, made for those looking to give their bodies a little extra boost of this essential protein, to look younger, live longer, and run faster.