20 years ago our founder Raven began studying nutrition after his studies in neuroscience led him to see that there was an alarming problem in how we fed our brains and thus our bodies. 

The process of optimizing his own diet, to fuel his incredibly demanding work schedule, led him to discover the power of superfoods, superherbs and supermushrooms. He found that their ability to create harmony and replenish depleted resources in the body was unparalleled in the normal American Diet. 

He learned that we need 90 -110 compounds daily (depending on which nutritionist you are talking to) from the fuel we consume, but we are only getting 15-20% of them on average with our diets. As such Pau-Pau was born to nourish himself for the present day.

Over the years he and his mother, Pilar, a holistic physiotherapist  who works with premier athletes in professional sports as well as olympic athletes, began testing the formula on her clients and herself. Through working in structural integration of the body via manipulating tissue physically, re-establishing brain balance as a neurofeedback practitioner, and strengthening the micro biome by means of nutrition she works under the practice that food is medicine. Raven and Pilar continued to refine the formula over a 10 year period and soon clients, friends and family became reliant on the product for every day nutrition. 

Since then Raven has continued to collect knowledge from scientific findings, ancient methods of nourishing the body and studying the lives of the oldest, healthiest peoples on Earth to create The System of Awakening.  The System of Awakening is made up of Hydratonic, Jing Dragon Velvet and Pau-Pau. These three products together are designed to rejuvenate and replenish the bodies natural systems.