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Our Jing Collection is a product collection consisting of 6 variants of our super-herb and super-mushroom blend that tones and hyper-fuels the organs and adrenals to peak performance. Depending on your preference, taste, or needs, you can opt for our basic version - JING DRAGON, our basic coffee version - JING DRAGON BLACK, our basic collagen version - JING DRAGON PRIMAL, our cacao version - JING VELVET, our cacao coffee version - JING VELVET BLACK, or our cacao collagen version - JING VELVET PRIMAL. Our recipe stems from a traditional Taoist recipe designed for rebalancing and strengthening the adrenal and endocrine systems, which the Western lifestyle often depletes. It contributes to longevity, virility, increased metabolic energy, and hormonal balance. It offers incredibly powerful and yummy organ support.

At least 20 minutes after HYDRATONIC, drink a delicious, earthy, warm cup of one of our JING varients. Some like it in the morning, some in the evening, and some enjoy a hot cup right before bedtime!


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